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Amairany Bautista Defying Destiny!

Amairany was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and was brought to Tacoma when she was 9 months old. An undocumented Hispanic youth, a "dreamer," Amairany could have easily been a statistic. Many undocumented kids struggle to stay in school and graduate, have difficulty paying for college and often can't find stable work.

Thanks to supporters like you, Amairany discovered Proyecto MoLE and she is Defying Destiny. The MoLE team provided a safe and effective community of support. Amairany received tutoring, mentoring, and program support from middle to high school. Not only that, she began giving back, mentoring and tutoring other students like herself.

With Proyecto MoLE's help, Amairany applied to the University of Puget Sound, was accepted this past fall and is now attending on a full scholarship. She was able to realize her dream of going to college. She is a role model and leader in the Latino community. This past summer she was one of two undocumented students honored by Michele Obama for "Reaching Higher, Beating the Odds."

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