Support overlooked young people like Art'Tisha

Be a Beacon of Hope!

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At NLF, we see hope daily as we discover, develop and deploying a new generation of leaders for lasting, positive change. We see hope finding talented young people in overlooked places with undeveloped leadership potential. We see hope as this potential is developed through collaborative, individually focused initiatives.

Hope is personified in the story of Art'Tisha. Having walked alongside Art'Tisha for many years, we've seen her encounter significant life challenges and barriers. With her grandmother's recent passing, at the age of 19, Art'Tisha is considered head of the household for her three younger siblings. Nevertheless, today, Art'Tisha is enrolled in Tacoma Community College, holding down a part-time job, and being sure her siblings get to school. She has a vision of opening her own bakery someday to honor the legacy of her grandmother by using her cake recipes.

This year, will you join with us as a beacon of hope for our city? Your monthly investment or one-time gift in NLF will allow us to continue to bear witness to hope and respond faithfully by discovering, developing, and deploying a new generation of leaders like Art'Tisha.